AOI announces skull base tumour centre for cancer treatment

American Oncology Institute (AOI), a city-based chain of hospitals, today announced the launch of comprehensive Centre for Skull Base Tumour for treatment of cancerous and non-cancerous diseases. 

According to Dr M Babaiah, Medical Director, American Oncology Institute, majority of the skull base tumours spread very fast, making patients report for treatment in advanced stages of the disease, which in delay of timely and quality medical treatment. 

"With the comprehensive Centre for Skull Base Tumor, we would be able to meet the demand for precision-driven treatment," he said. 

Dr Babaiah, who is leading the Centre for Skull Base Tumour along with specialised team of experts, said skull base tumours grow on the bones of the skull that form the bottom of the head and the body ridge behind the nose and eyes. 

Skull base tumours present unique challenges because of their relative rarity, typically deep location, close proximity to critical neurovascular structures, said Consultant and Chief of Surgical Oncology (Head & Neck) Dr Sashikanth Jonnalagadda. 

"Skull base is a complex anatomical area at the base of brain and upper end of the neck. As several vital structures traverse through this complex region, surgery has always been a challenge. 
"Now with advent of new surgical techniques and state of art equipment like computer aided surgery, high definition endoscopes and high-speed nasal drills, a team of surgeons comprising ENT and neurosurgeon can now deal with most of the diseases of this complex area in a safe and minimally invasive way," Dr Jonnalagadda said. 

AOI was founded by a team of oncologists at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre in US.



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