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New technique may help quicken production of blood cancer drug

Researchers at Madurai Kamaraj University have developed a technique that promises to quicken the process of production of L-asparaginase, an enzyme used in treatment of acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. Human cells need steady supply of an amino acid, Asparagine, to build proteins and use an enzyme called asparagine synthetase to make it. Cancerous cells, however, rely on blood for their requirement of asparagine.  L-Asparaginase therapy takes advantage of this. L-Asparaginase enzyme performs the opposite reaction to asparagine synthetase. It catalyses conversion of L-asparagine to aspartic acid and ammonia. If a large dose of this enzyme is introduced into the blood, it will circulate and continually break down all asparagine that it finds, ultimately starving the cells that depend on blood for asparagine supply. L-Asparaginase is an effective therapy for those cases where blood cells become cancerous, such as in acute lymphoblastic leukemia. L-Asparaginase cuts off the supply o

Novel cancer drug acts as 'Trojan horse' to destroy tumours from inside

A novel cancer drug which acts as a 'Trojan horse' to destroy tumours from the inside has shown promising results across six different forms of the deadly disease, scientists say. In patients with advanced, drug-resistant cancers, over a quarter with cervical and bladder tumours, and nearly 15 per cent with ovarian and lung tumours, responded to the new treatment, said researchers from the Institute of Cancer Research in the UK. The innovative new drug , called tisotumab vedotin (TV), releases a toxic substance to kill cancer cells from within. The results, published in The Lancet Oncology, are so positive the drug has now moved forward to phase II trials in cervical cancer and will be tested in a range of additional solid tumour cancers. The researchers led a global clinical trial of nearly 150 patients with a variety of cancer types who had stopped responding to standard treatments. They found that a significant minority of cancer patients responded to the drug , wit

Indian Cancer Society & AstraZeneca launch early cancer screening programme for women nationwide

Indian Cancer Society and AstraZeneca Pharma India Limited has announced the launch of a nationwide cancer awareness initiative -  Cancer Screening for Women.  Under this programme,  free ,  specialized cancer-screening will be conducted across the country for women from underprivileged families. These screening camps will focus on prevalent cancers such as oral, cervical and breast and will follow a rigorous process to link the suspect cases with health care facilities for further management. The programme also aims to raise awareness about risk factors, symptoms, removing stigma, and promoting healthy lifestyle for cancer prevention. The first screening camp to mark this launch was held on  World Cancer Day  at Indian Cancer Society, Mumbai, where over 100 women were screened. Mr. Naveen Kshatriya, Honorary Secretary & Managing Trustee, of the Indian Cancer Society said ,  “With the increasing incidence of cancer cases in women, there is an urgent need to raise awareness abou