Plan in offing to set up first private sector cancer centre

Plans are afoot to establish the first-ever cancer centre in the private sector in the Sultanate. The state-of-the-art centre is likely to take on a larger role and serve as a hub for the entire Gulf and Mideast region.
This follows the success of a similar initiative in Africa with the set-up of the largest cancer care hospital in the private sector in Nairobi, Kenya.
In the first phase of a two-stage operation, a fertility care centre and diagnostics facility would be set up in the next three to four months.
Subsequently, feasibility studies over the next six months would lay the groundwork for the establishment of the cancer care centre within two years.
HealthCare Global Enterprises Limited (HCG) and Gruppoexcel Holding Incorporated, Oman, have entered into a joint partnership to give this cancer care centre life and shape.
Dr BS Ajaikumar, Chairman and CEO of HCG, told Oman Tribune, “Through our cancer, IVF and diagnostic facilities we plan to introduce the concept of value-based medicine.”
He has nearly 30 years experience as an oncology super-specialist in US hospitals.
Ajaikumar said: “The concept means we make cancer treatment affordable and accessible to all patients, with the same technology and same care available in the US and Europe but at a much lower cost.”
“We have already introduced the practice through HCG’s Bengaluru hospital set up in 2004, and 20 such hospitals set up across India with the latest one in Kanpur a few months ago. With this, HCG is ranked as the largest provider of cancer care treatment services in South Asia.”
Ajaikumar said: “The patients require long-term in-house treatment. This led us to explore the possibilities of establishing a HCF facility here in Oman.”
According to the doctors, HCG and Gruppoexcel have been engaged in talks and consultations with the ministries of Health and Atomic Energy and the Oman Cancer Associations.
Gruppoexcel founder Jaibir Cheema said as HCG’s partner our job would be to provide local support in the shape of financing, licensing, local administration and logistics.



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