Precision Oncology Company 4baseCare launches one-of-its-kind Indian Population Specific Cancer Gene Panel

4baseCare, a precision oncology company in India, launched their product - TARGT Indiegene, India's largest and first population-specific tumour gene panel derived from Whole Exome and Whole Transcriptome data of over 1,500 cancer patients across 28 different cancer types. Most of the patients were presented with stage III/IV disease, and presented with disease progression and had exhausted all the options in the standard of care.

Most of the cancer panels currently available in the market are based on data from the Caucasian population, and the same panel is used for testing across all the geographies. For example, the TARGT Indiegene' cancer panel is based on insights generated from tumour tissues of Indian cancer patients resulting in better success rates using precision medicine in the management of cancer. The insights from research have helped build the largest resource of mutational signatures identified in cancer patients in India. Research has provided insights into 1,044 unique genes across 28 different cancer types with mutational landscape and associated mutations.

Commenting on the occasion, Hitesh Goswami, CEO, 4baseCare, said, "Our vision is to leverage technology to develop affordable solutions to personalise patient care in oncology. With TARGT Indiegene, we want to deliver the promise of precision to help personalise the treatment for Indian cancer patients."

4baseCare had already partnered with WIPRO in July to build a framework of efficient, streamlined, and well-regulated workflows to develop advanced gene panels and to ensure the highest data quality, data security and regulatory compliance. Similarly, 4baseCare and ACTREC-Tata Memorial Centre join hands in the development of an AI-based clinical interpretation platform. Supporting the research and commercialisation initiative are Illumina Accelerator, Mount Judi Ventures, growX Ventures, Season Two Ventures, First In Ventures and a few strategic angel investors.

Dr. Kumar Prabhash, Professor and Medical Oncologist at TMH, Mumbai and one of the collaborator for the project said that with such massive research on Indian patient cohort and the availability of TARGT Indiegene kind of a cancer gene panel validated on Indian patient tumour samples, the oncologists will have better decision making capability lead by science towards precision oncology solutions that will improve the affordability and timely availability of accurate gene-testing reports for cancer patients.

Dr. Amit Dutt, Principal Investigator (Scientist G) and India's leading cancer researcher from ACTREC-TMC said that such research sets a precedence for a very strong Industry-Academia collaboration leading to translational research outcomes like TARGT Indiegene which will have a direct benefit for the patients.

4baseCare, an Illumina Accelerator Company, is engaged in the development of cutting-edge precision oncology solutions, using advanced genomics and next-gen digital health technology, to personalise patient care in oncology. They have developed a unique set of comprehensive genomic panels which allows oncologists to choose the optimal targeted therapy for their patients.



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