Tata Memorial Centre's 'Navya online Service' proving to be panacea of cancer cure in India

To reach out to cancer patients irrespective of their location and help them get best treatment for the deadly disease, Navya Expert Opinion Service has commenced an online service where cancer patients can seek expert advice from oncologists at Tata Memorial Centre in Mumbai in a 24/7 environment within the confines of their homes.Gitika Srivastava, Founder of Navya, says,''This service, available at www.navya.care, allows patientsto upload their reports and get a response from world renowned experts within 24 hours.Once reports are received, patient advocates reach out to users to gather all relevant case information including preferences and constraints. The medical history along with evidence based treatment options are presented to a relevant expert using Navya's patented system. On receiving the expert's response, a report is created that answers all questions asked by the patient in language that is simple to understand.''''Reports are also sent to world renowned centers such as Stanford Medical Center in California, USA, for consultations of the cases'', she said.''In world renowned centers such as Tata Memorial Centre in Mumbai or Stanford Medical Center in California, USA, most cases of metastasized cancer would involve a decision being made by a tumour board which mostly recommends chemeotherapy or radiation to shrink tumours. But this not the modus operandi in most hospitals here. Then TMC NCG Online - Navya Expert Opinion Service comes into the picture,'' clarified Ms Srivastava.''Cancer care is highly specialised and the number of experts for complex cases is very few. Many cancers are curable or can be managed for a number of years if diagnosed early and treated appropriately. Choosing the right therapy vetted by an expert, can be the difference between the best possible outcome and failed treatment. Navya has ensured that patients, irrespective of their location,are able to get treatment recommendations from experts. This is impactful for the patient, the family and the local treating oncologist and the patient can continue treatment at the local hospital, ''Ms Srivastava remarked.She further said,''Most people who have had any experience with cancer are aware that it can be stressful consulting multiple doctors in search for the best way forward. However it's not always possible to gain access to experts. Given the cases we have seen, we would urge everyone to get anexpert opinion online at www.navya.care. You can be assured that the opinion rests on the experience ofworld renowned cancer experts collaborating for the best possible treatment plan suited to your loved one's case."Director of Tata Memorial Hospital , Dr Rajendra Badwe said ,"With the www.navya.care online service, eleven thousand people across 22 countries have been treated successfully of cancer. With the commencement of this service, the affected are not only able to save time but money also. There are only 1600 cancer doctors available for 18 lakh cancer patients in India and therefore its treatment becomes costly and time-consuming in our country.''''Indian oncologists have earned name and fame with the launch of this initiative,'' he noted. ''Tata Memorial Centre is the country's largest and Asia's third largest cancer centre where 67,000 patients are treated every year. It gets cost-effective radiation facilities from BARC,'' Dr Badwe informed. ''Navya has been hailed as the information based and cheap online consultation service for the deprived by the American Society of Clinical Oncology recently. In the year 2014, 10,779 patients from 22 developing countries have benefitted by making online registration on Navya,'' he stated.The Director further said,'' The fact that the number of patients registering for Navya have increased manifold and that they shared their reports with their oncologists proves that there is a wide acceptance of the online service by the patients and the medical experts as well."UNI SY RSA 1702



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